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Boone, North Carolina

January 21

No match : February 18

March 18

April 15

No match : May 20  


June 17

July 15 - Major Match

August 19

September 16

October 21

We are in transition mode so this schedule is not set in stone.  

2017 IDPA Pistol Match & Side Match Schedule

Side matches are held after the pistol match dependent on the interest and the weather.  Sign-up beginning at 9:00 am.  Shooters meeting at 10:00 am.

Real world simulated scenarios similar to IDPA Pistol. Back-up guns can be either Single or Double action pistols OR revolvers loaded with a maximum five (5) rounds per stage.

Divided into Auto and Pump classifications. Shot and Slugs used on paper and steel in simulated tactical scenarios.

50 rounds of bird shot, 10 buckshot and 10 slugs.

Side Match Descriptions

Back-Up Gun

Tactical Shotgun

 Winter Pistol Frolic

NO MATCH!  Set-up crew taking day off

Classifier Match


Range Closed!!! Lead reclamation


NC Mountaineer Classic State Match

Mini 3-gun



Simulated scenarios with paper silhouettes as well as long range steel. Weapons used include AR-15, AK / SKS's, Mini-14, and many other popular military style rifles.

Close-Quarter-Battle stages in the berms and a short to long range stage on the rifle range shooting at steel. 100 rounds should get things done but bring 150 to be sure. No Tracers, Green Tip, or Steel Core ammo allowed.

Tactical Rifle